Allison L.
St. Louis GO Marathon Huge backsquat
I first met Chris about four and half years ago when I signed up for some personal training sessions. I had just graduated college and was looking to shed that fabulous ‘Freshmen 15’ and then some…four years later. At that time, I had no desire other than to look good in my bathing suit come summer. However, Chris transformed my perspective of fitness and health.
Initially, he slowly introduced me to the world of CrossFit over a few months – and I loved it. I didn’t have much time so the WOD’s worked great with my schedule. I also loved doing something different every day – there was no way I could get bored. Then, we progressed on to Olympic lifting. After many hours (and much patience), Chris helped me slowly developed my lifts. We found out together that I had a knack and passion for this! Although my fitness level was tremendously improving, I was still struggling with my weight and ideal body image. Through much coaching (and coaxing), Chris introduced me to the world of ‘zoning’ and eventually, following a Paleo diet. While it was a rough road and there were set-backs, Chris was always there with words of encouragement and horribly difficult WOD’s (no pain, no gain). I’ve now embraced and ‘preach’ the word of CrossFit. It has renovated my body – and my outlook on life. In that past few years, I’ve completed a half-marathon, a 100 mile bike ride and participated in power-lifting competitions. I wouldn’t have been able to do this had it not been for Chris consistently holding me accountable for my actions. Four and half years ago, I was looking for a personal trainer…little did I know I’d end up changing my life and gaining a friend.
-Allison L., Creve Coeur, MO

Alexis N.
Alexis before Alexis after

I had struggled with my weight & body image all my life, I was always the funny friendly big girl, but in 2009 at the age of 24 sitting at my heaviest weight of 232 with horrible asthma I decided it was time to turn my health and my negative body image around, but had no clue where to start.
Enter Chris & CrossFit, on our first workout which was slotted for an hour I only made 30mins, I felt like I was going to die, I couldn’t finish I was SO out of shape & had never been pushed like that before. I left with my tail between my legs and my head down embarrassed, but I was determined; I came back the next day with my head held high & more driven than ever to get healthy. From then on I was committed; Chris helped me change my relationship with food, opening my eyes to a healthy & nutritional way of eating as well as an active life style that my family & I can enjoy. Chris has pushed me through every WOD & I absolutely love how I feel & how my body feels, I had a positive outlook about my body image now. Though I loved the workouts & the results, it was not easy by any means, I always tell people you never know what a real workout is until Chris puts you through a Crossfit WOD.
Since I have known Chris he has helped me completely transform my body & a life of being overweight by helping me to lose 80lbs (within the first year & a half), drastically reduce all asthma symptoms, run several half marathons, & complete training for a full marathon. Within the past year I have gotten pregnant (still doing WOD’s), & had a beautiful baby girl; I am confident that Chris & CrossFit will help me through this next fitness phase; it won’t be easy, but it sure will be worth it. Chris has the ability to help you reach & surpass your fitness & health goals, by truly caring about each person, while keeping you motivated & absolutely holding you accountable for every action. He truly is more than a trainer, he is a great friend.
-Alexis M., Creve Coeur, MO

Dave M.

My name is Dave. I’m 48 and have always struggled with maintaining my weight. As a kid I was ‘husky’ and have involuntarily maintained this “big-boned” physique as an adult despite being physically active and various attempts at different diets. At my heaviest I weighed 269 lb.

My exercise routines through the years have included:

– Endless miles of bike riding. This is a wonderful form of exercise that never really seemed to make a dent in my “protective coating”.

– Weight lifting in the basement. No matter how much equipment you buy it won’t do anything long term for you if you can’t motivate yourself to get down there and use it for more than two or three months at a time. The equipment eventually winds up as clutter and something you have to move out of the way to get to the table saw.

– P90x workouts. If you have cable there’s no avoiding the P90X (or Insanity workout) commercials. They are very persuasive so I broke down and bought a set. Yet another fitness revelation. I thought I’d found the key. They provided a good workout but after a couple months of watching the same DVD’s with that annoying instructor Tony constantly telling me how good he looked as a 45 year old man my P90X workout routine fell by the wayside. Next!!!

– The ubiquitous elliptical trainer (with iPod and TV assist). I’d thought I’d found another fitness holy grail when combining these two components. I’d worked up to a regular 50 minute workouts while distracting myself by listening to loud fast paced music, watching TV and spraying sweat everywhere in addition to annoying the people using the machines next to me. The workout was moderately successful but also mind-numbingly boring. Next!!!

After the elliptical trainer fell by the wayside it felt like my options were becoming limited. If you’re a larger person the betting odds are pretty good that you despise running. Despite this distaste I started running as another attempt at shedding these unwanted pounds. I set goal and signed up for the 2011 St. Louis Go! half marathon and began a 12 week training program. Some weight came off initially but never in significant amounts. It all culminated in injury – a partial tear of the meniscus in my right knee at mile 8.5 of the race. It was painful but not severe enough to require surgery. The orthopedic surgeon said he was happy that I was just able to walk. No more running for me. After twelve sessions of physical therapy and I began searching for what I could do next for exercise. Due to the meniscus tear I felt my options were limited. I needed something low impact that I could do year round so I grudgingly returned to elliptical trainer hell for the next 8 months.

Meanwhile, in the background of my fitness saga a good friend from high school would occasionally tell me about seeing a personal trainer, Chris, who was helping her transform her body and raise her level of fitness even though she had history of multiple knee surgeries. She described working out with Chris in his basement and how intense and fun they were. She said sometimes the workouts are 5 minutes long sometimes they’re 20 minutes. I was skeptical – how much impact could a 5 minute workout possibly have? The answer, I thought, was ‘next to none’. Then earlier this year she tells me Chris has opened his own gym and that I should make an appointment to talk to Chris. Still searching for that next and hopefully last piece of the fitness puzzle I called and somewhat skeptically made an appointment just to see for myself what she was raving about.

At our first meeting/evaluation Chris coached me through a few basic stretches and exercise movements showing me my knee wasn’t going to explode. I was surprised. He then put me through an intense but deceptively simple 10 minute baseline workout that forced me to exert myself more than _any_ exercise routine I’d have ever done. That evening it felt like my body never stopped radiating heat. I went to bed and woke up wide awake in the morning without any tiredness continuing to feel extremely clear headed. The feeling continued through to the early afternoon when the effects of that simple 10 minute routine the previous day had finally diminished but a complete all body post workout soreness persisted. How could such a short workout having such profound effects and what the hell was this new ‘alive’ feeling? I wanted and needed to see if what I experienced was legitimate and repeatable so I signed up for classes hoping to never set foot on another elliptical trainer again. The feeling is definitely repeatable and even moderately addictive. With Chris’s patience, expert guidance and teaching ability he shows you the proper techniques and correct form to perform the exercises safely and correctly. You take classes with other people doing the same workouts. In the 5 months I’ve been going we have never repeated a workout so boredom never enters the equation. In addition you’re taking classes with others who are doing the same workout with you. This camaraderie provides an instantaneous support system between everyone in the class so you won’t feel like an ‘island’ in a typical gym working out with countless other nameless faces. Since I’ve started working out with Chris he has helped me shed 17 lb with his nutritional and dietary advice and insight. My ‘protective coating’ is gradually disappearing and I’m also as strong both physically and cardio-wise as I’ve ever been. Not to mention that I’m also running and jumping again – something I thought would be a thing of the past after injuring my knee. If you’re bored of your current workout routing and looking a new challenge to take your fitness to the next level, there’s no doubt in my mind that Chris will help you get there. He is one of the best in the business.


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